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Referring to previous contact
Stating the reason for writing
Referring to future contact

Email Example:
Dear team members/all,
I’m writing to inform you that our next project meeting will be postponed and rearranged to 4h December, 9 a.m, in that/ because/ since/ due to/ owing to several members being abroad. Please note that you should bring relative materials with you/complete all the assignments before/beforehand the meeting and present them to me.
谨在此通知您,我们的下一次项目会议将推迟至12月9日上午4时进行,原因是有几位成员在国外。 请注意,您应该随身携带相关材料/在会议之前/之前完成所有作业并将其提交给我。

Letter of apology
I am writing to apologize for /about..
This was due to…
Unfortunately, we have been unable to…
I am sorry for any inconvenience this has caused. I can assure you that we will..

Letter of complaint
I am writing to complain about..
I am not satisfied with..…
I must therefore insist that..

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