stacy/ 十二月 23, 2019/ 商务英语

Memo Example:
Dear colleagues
Dear all
Dear Mr./Ms. + surname 不知道性别的情况下这样写
We will have a staff meeting on Friday 21 from 3.30 to 5 p.m. We’ ll talk about some ideas we have for changes of our working practices within the organization. All staff should attend the meeting in the lecture center on the first floor. Thank you very much.
我们将在星期五21:30下午3:30到下午5点召开员工会议。 我们将讨论一些关于改变组织内部工作方式的想法。 所有员工都应在二楼的演讲中心参加会议。 非常感谢你。

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